A postcard from Stockholm!

“I’ve just returned from a bitterly cold but beautifully sunny Stockholm for my first ever Stockholm Furniture Fair – it is much more intimate than the likes of Milan or Orgatec, but still managed to showcase the main players in the industry including Vitra, and of course Lammhults.

The Lammhults stand had its very own barista in the centre of their stand, slightly hidden by the use of panels, it was the perfect place to sit back (comfortably) and enjoy a coffee fix!

In the run up to the exhibition I was informed my favourite Attach table was going to be made in a new height; in complete honesty I was a little anxious how the size would work, although any doubt I had soon disappeared as I saw Troels Grum-Schwensen’s award winning design – the Attach table – launched in a 90cm height. Troels was on the stand for the duration of my trip and it was great to hear his inspiration as well as how he uses gravity!

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017 Lammhults attach

I also met with Anya Sebton (designer of numerous items for Lammhults), who was an absolute delight and I cannot wait to organise an event in London as an excuse for Anya to visit me.

Without being too biased, I didn’t see much other than the Lammhults stand so I didn’t spot any industry trends but what I did see of the Offecct stand looked very impressive, and of course the Abstracta stand (sister company to Lammhults).

Fellow Brits were few & far between but I did see enough friendly faces to warrant my time.

Note to self for next year: pack a warmer coat!!!”

Harriet, Sales Manager