Robyn’s trip to Artifort

“Visiting Artifort recently was great fun and incredibly eye opening to see how much behind the scenes work goes into making some of the known and loved classic pieces from Artifort.

On the Monday I arrived in Den Bosch where we made our way to Lanaken to visit the first Artifort factory where all the upholstering is done; there were rows upon rows of naked chairs and sofas waiting to be upholstered and shipped to their final destinations. I got the opportunity to speak with a number of the workers there, some of whom have worked there for 20+ years!

The following day we visited the Artifort factory in Schijndel where the rest of production takes place including, powdercoating, mould making, foam production, metal work and wood work.

Thanks Artifort for your hospitality and for taking the time to show me around your impressive facilities – I really enjoyed my visit.”

Robyn – Sales Executive at Crest

Robyn at Artifort      Artifort factory      Artifort factory