Welcome to Natalie!

We’re very happy to introduce a new member of the Crest family – Natalie. Here’s what Natalie has to say about her first few weeks with us…

“Hi it’s Natalie here, I just wanted to tell you all about my new job role here at Crest.

It’s already the start of my third week, and I can’t believe how fast it’s going!

I am really enjoying my new role as Sales Support – even with a sales background there is still so much to learn. Being office based is really helping me to get to know everyone, and always helps me with my product knowledge when people put any requests my way!

I already have a few of my own personal favourite products, such as the Ribbon Chair and Orange Slice from Artifort. I am in love with the ‘any shape, any size, any colour’ approach from Carpet Sign too; I mean for someone so particular, why wouldn’t this be a great option?

We recently had a lovely guy from Kvadrat come down this week to show us some fabric samples, and I never knew how much work there was to upholstering a chair. I was so impressed by the vibrant colours that are on offer, some inspired by designers from fashion week! Interesting concept how we relate our own fashion styles to our interior at home and in the office.

So almost three weeks in and I am already enjoying talking to so many new contacts and clients. Might want to bear this in mind if you need anything – from a brochure request, placing an order or just an enquiry – then I’ll be here to help at the end of the phone – 0208 854 4229.

Looking forward to working with you all soon! Until then keep browsing!”

Natalie, Sales Support